Thursday, January 17, 2013

On Digital Age Literacy

Our past lesson has something to do with Digital-Age Literacy whereas my professor, Sir Paguio discussed extensively and elaborately the brief history on how technology was developed throughout centuries in general. He mentioned the term real-time webbed interactivity. And I would like to share some thoughts about that in particular.
         The sense of interactivity which dominates the digital media stretches as far back as we care to look into the roots of human creation.It takes us beyond more classic issues such as Eco's question of whether texts are to be used or interpreted. Almost everyday, I open my Facebook account, Twitter, or MySpace and it only shows that I am highly active in social networking. I've never thought that these simple digital interactions would have a significant impact and importance in my academics in particular. 
         Now that I have created my own blog, it gave me a sense of belonging to yet another site that enables me to have wider connections to people from different parts of the globe. What the rise of new digital media has done is to widen the focus of interest beyond the object created, to my participation in a process of playing out a multitude of interactions. And for that, I am Thankful.

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